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Smart Tax Administration Solutions

Smart Tax Administration Solutions

What We Did

Smart Tax Administration Information System is a national system and is compulsory to use by every private business, public administration entity and every self-employed professional. 

It consist of multiple elements, such as:

  • Tax Administration System (i.MAS) - a portal responsible for authentication and authorization of users via State Tax Department authorization/authentication system, online banking, eSignature, mSignature. i.MAS also provides integration interfaces to and from Smart Tax Administration Information System.
  • Invoice Management System (i.SAF) is a component where entities have to submit all invoices receivables and payables through portal or via web services.
  • Waybill Management System (i.VAZ) is a component where entities have to submit all their waybills.
  • Accounting System for small businesses (i.APS) is remote accounting services for small businesses. The solution provides accounting services for small business in the scope of the i.MAS system (citizens who carry out individual activity upon acquiring a business certificate or individual activity certificate) and other related services, which are integrating into the i.MAS system.

Smart Tax Administration Information System operates in a 24x7 model.

Technologies & Tools Java, JPA (Hibernate), Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, Spring Framework, Spring Integration, Spring Security, ZK, CXF, JUnit, JMS (Oracle Application Server), JSP, XML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Eclipse (Spring Tool Suite), IntelliJ IDEA, Oracle SQL Developer, SoapUI.

More Projects:

National Schengen Information System (NSIS)

It's a governmental database, used by 26+ European countries to maintain and distribute information on individuals and pieces of property of interest. The intended uses of this system are national security, border control and law enforcement.

Digital Tax Verification for Tobacco Industry Lithuania

The system operates in real production environment of all involved manufacturers and is used by State Tax Inspectorate (STI) and other Lithuanian Authorities in verification of production volumes and flows, verification of tobacco products and in an Applied Integrated Technologies (AIT) portal.